The Spatial Web API

Spatial Web API

XRPANET APIs allow you to place and discover XR-based GLTF anchors and videos at geolocations (lat/long coordinates), manage players in XR, and send/receive messages and events within the vicinity of geolocations. We also have a utilities API for converting lat/longs to geohashes, etc.

Note: All API updates will appear in our AR and VR Browsers in real-time; however, you can also use our APIs to power your own XR browser experience!

Spatial Web Services

Web Crawler

Simply add our spatial.json file to your existing website and we'll continue to crawl your site and add your locations and content to the XR Cloud.

XR Cloud

The world is your Web page. We add content from your website and/or our developer API to the Spatial Web accessible via our XR Browser.

AR Browser

Our WebXR-powered AR Browser provides mapping, notifications, spatial messaging, RTC, and AR for mobile devices and wearable glasses.

VR Browser

Our WebXR-powered VR Browser lets users teleport to an address or lat/long coordinates to interact with digital content, apps, and users physically present at the location.

Getting Started

Here's an example of what you can build using XRPANET's Spatial Web APIs and XR Browser.

Here's a screenshot of our Spatial Web API running in Postman:

Here are links to PDFs of each of our Spatial Web API endpoints:

Here's a deep dive video on getting started with XRPANET's Spatial Web APIs and XR Browser.

Note: We also have REST and WebSocket APIs available for our Metaverses and GroupRoom platforms.